Why choose us?

There are hundreds thousand factories and trading companies all over China. For each latest product you can find in Alibaba, there are at least several suppliers offer the same. How to choose the reliable supplier among them?

1.     Select the real manufacturers / factories

More than half suppliers registered in Alibaba are trading companies or individual Eshops owners who even do not have a website.

We have our factories and welcome for factory visit!

 2.     Select the factories located in the correct zone

Guangdong is a place gathering for consuming electronic factories. We compete and survive with our own expertize, strength and service. Always find the suppliers located in the zone where are specialized for particular products:

Dongguan / Shenzhen for Electronics, Shantou for toys, Huizhou shoes, Guangzhou for clothings….

We located in Shenzhen city!

3.     Best in function and also in case design

We focus in Bluetooth products and invested much in R&D in technology. Our products not only are the latest and functional one, but also the best design in outlook because many of our customers are in the market of gift and premium since starting.

 4.     Latest manufacturing union business mode – Save your time and cost

Most of the customers are looking for the same or similar catalog of products most time. For example, after purchasing the Bluetooth earphones, they may have orders of mobile screen protecting films. A factory specialized in Bluetooth devices will not own a machine and technology to produce protecting films.

At the beginning, we will introduce our familiar factories who are expertized and professional in the related scope to get commissions in order, and we are recommended by them in return. Gradually, we formed a union with our very- closed factories and we owned the company shares each other. Now the commissions, which were actually the costs paid by customers are no longer exists.