30X Zoom Phone Lens, Portable Telescope, Telephoto Lens For Cell phones

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Tags: 30X, Zoom Lens, Telescope Lens, Telephoto Lens, Cell Phone Lens

                                                        30X Zoom Phone Lens,  Portable Telescope, Telephoto Lens For Cell phones

    Technical Parameters:

    Model: 10-30x25
    Magnification: 10 times -30 times, 10 times to 30 times can be adjusted as needed (the actual magnification is marked)
    Eyepiece diameter: 10mm
    Objective lens diameter: 25mm
    Objective lens diameter: 33mm
    Prism category: bk4
    Coating: Multilayer Broadband Green Film
    Size: The shortest size: 128mm × 31mm; The longest size: 182mm × 31mm
    Field of view angle: 10 times: 3.5° to 30 times: 2.0°
    Focusing method: Stretching or rotating focusing (two ways)
    Inside and outside material: The mirror body part is metal, some parts elastic rubber
    Non-slip technology: support
    Waterproof technology: Not supported
    Folding Technology: Support
    Zoom function: Support
    Material: imported aluminum alloy
    Colour: Black
    Product net weight: 108g
    Gross weight: 160g
    Environmental parameters: (storage conditions of the telescope)
    Temperature (°C): Normal temperature 20°C-25°C
    Humidity: 65% or less
    Tripod Interface: Support


    Traveling, outdoor sports, watching and using. This close-range focal length of up to 0.5m, not only significant "far", close-view exhibition also has considerable advantages.
    Compact, lightweight and ready to carry.

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