Alloy Plating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Subwoofer with LED

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                                                                Alloy Plating Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Subwoofer with LED

    This mini wireless Bluetooth speaker is the currently popular Bluetooth speakers, the product is small and clear sound, you can play MP3 player, low power consumption, high battery durability.


    Zero radiation, good for the body.

    TF card music playback function, from 64K to 320K, compatible with all current MP3 rates.

    Use Bluetooth to connect the phone, the speaker with a microphone.

    Bluetooth 3.0 version of the transmission signal, 10 meters away can very stable and clear.

    Using LC frequency selection technology, radio station direction of the sensitivity significantly reduced a lot.

    Support iPad, ipad2, new iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and Samsung, htc, motorcycle, Nokia and other Bluetooth phones and a variety of Bluetooth computers and other equipment wireless transmission audio!



    Box Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Color: Black, Silver, Gold

    Weight: 178g

    Product Packing Size: 80.5x 80.5 x66 mm

    Output Power: 3W

    battery Capacity: 400MAH 3.7V

    Recharging Current: 200mA

    Output Frequency: 150Hz-20KHz

    Music Playing Time: More Than 2.5 hours

    Call Time: More Than 4.5 hours

    Standby Time: More Than 20 hours

    Extended Storage: 8GB

    Effective Distance: 10m

    Frequency Response Range: 60Hz-15kHz


    Package Content:

    1 x Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    1 x Manual

    1 x Charging Cable

    1 x Box



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