About Us

Established in 2013, we are a rapid growing Hong Kong based technology company specialized in Bluetooth and wireless technology for mobile accessories. Since 2015, we owned our manufacturing facilities and R&D department for designing, improving and producing the latest products and obtain several patents for the contribution and innovation in this area.

                                                                   Latest Business Model -- Manufacturers Union

At the beginning, we will introduce our familiar factories who are expertized and professional in the related scope to get commissions in order, and we are recommended by them in return. Gradually, we formed a union with our very- closed factories and we owned the company shares each other. Now the commissions, which were actually the costs paid by customers are no longer exists.

Most of the customers are looking for the same or similar catalog of products most time. For example, after purchasing the Bluetooth earphones, they may have orders of mobile screen protecting films. A factory specialized in Bluetooth devices will not own a machine and technology to produce protecting films.

Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets, speakers, adapters,charging devices and variety of accessories in Asia. With the help of agencies and distributors around the world, we established stable business with hundreds of local and oversea customers in over 20 countries.


Highest quality, latest technology and best product design is our key to succeed.

Your inquiries are always welcome and we are always looking for long-term partnership.